About Us

Superfinance is an independent financial information and financial data provider. Founded in 2018 in Beijing, Superfinance also set up overseas offices in London, New York and Hong Kong. Superfinance provides services in Finance and Data including price and quotation, data and index, analysis and research for banks, funds, securities, asset management, regulatory agencies and various industrial and commercial enterprises through information, processing and solutions. In particular, as a supplier of sustainable financial data, Superfinance also provides investors with environmental, social and governance (ESG) research and rating.

As a professional organization in financial information collection, cleaning, processing and sending , Superfinance uses both Chinese and English to publish all kinds of real-time announcements, data and research reports timely through hotline, network, mobile, audio-visual, printing and other multimedia forms, providing valuable information covering macro, meso and microeconomic aspects. Superfinance strives to be a financial bridge connecting "China and the world" that provides real-time global financial information for Chinese users, meanwhile,releases and interpret rates China’s ongoing financial events with an authoritative, accurate and comprehensive perspective. Superfinance brings accurate financial information and international comparisons from China for decision-makers through its strong information, experts and consulting network.