Public Relation

Super PR is a financial public relations consultant brand product of SuperFinance . Through the public relations strategy, global investors and media network, it timely and accurately transmits corporate information to promote the awareness of investors and media towards enterprises’ core advantage and development prospects and to promote the enterprises’ value orientation in the capital market. SuperFinance has always been on the demand of listed companies and provides clients with cross regional IPO news, investor relations, international roadshows, corporate communications, events management, financing promotion, mergers and acquisitions, crisis management, brand building, perennial IR and other one-stop professional services.

Super PR is based in Hong Kong and has offices in New York, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen. Its service network covers the Greater China region, Europe and the United states. Keen insight, rapid response, efficient execution, strong media resources and international team, are the cornerstones of the success of SuperFinance. With our deep insight and accurate grasp of the capital market, as well as in-depth exploration of the potential advantages of enterprise customers, we ultimately plan the unique corporate images for our clients. In particular, SuperFinance helps customers take the path of sustainable growth under the public relations concept of brand value promotion.