Super Value is a professional market value management product of SuperFinance . Market value management is a strategic management behavior which based on value management, and comprehensively uses a variety of scientific and compliance value management methods, according to the company’s signals, to achieve the maximization of corporate value creation and optimization of value realization. SuperFinance believes that market value management requires establishment of a management system with Value as the core: correctly measure the company's value creation, effectively manage and monitor value creation, reasonably share the value created.

Therefore, the content of market value management consists of three parts: value creation, value management and value realization. Super Value helps companies to establish a scientific system of market value management, in order to maximize shareholder’s value. The main methods are: first, to help the listed companies to establish financial products and create interactive EVA business philosophy; second, to help listed companies to establish the market value management system; third, to conduct value realization in value fluctuations, increase shareholder’s wealth and at the same time, achieve sustainable growth. SuperFinance helps customers and capital markets to maintain accurate and timely information dissemination, interaction and feedback.